Month: December 2019

delete a comment on Facebook

How do I delete a comment on Facebook? | | howtoaide

As you know very well that most of the people use Facebook which connect you through your friends, relatives, news, etc. You know one thing also that you can comment on any post, it doesn’t matter that post is your itself or others. You can also comment on the Facebook timeline. Sometimes it happens that…
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TakeScreenshot in windows 10

How To Take A Screenshot On Window 10

There are several ways to provide Window 10 to take screenshots of your entire computer system screen. You can follow it. If you should take screenshots in Window 10 then you can press the “PrtScn” button on your keyboard. There are many keys to take you screenshots of your computer screen.And the other tools to…
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Aol mail login

What is Aol Mail And how to login in Aol Mail

AOL Inc. is the most popular to providing the best media and email services in the technology world. Especially, AOL Inc is providing the email services. Sometimes, the electronic program creates a little problem for its user. Login issue with the AOL email account main as one of them. Every day, there are many customers…
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gmail server error 007

How to fix Gmail server error #oo7 | howtoaide

In this technical era, Gmail is an advanced way of emailing. Gmail proceeds the expectancy when it comes to data storage. Here are many more benefits and technical advantages that users of Gmail attain. Gmail users face the problem of Gmail error code 007. When Gmail error code 007 occurs means your account will freeze. Gmail…
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