Technical support for your browser

What is browser? how it works?

Browsers are also referred as a web browser or Internet browser. It is a software program that presents and explore content available on the World Wide Web. You can find pictures, videos, and web pages that are connected using hyperlinks. The content available on a browser is classified with URIs

On opening a web browser, your homepage will be loaded first and you will be able to see a start screen that includes your favorite pages.

You have to follow hyperlinks to browse the internet or you may use a search engine to search for the content you want.To use a browser, you need a computer, smartphone or tablet with the required system requirement. A proper speed internet connection is necessary to browse through any site.

You can take the help of settings menu, to use the advanced options and features. From history you can see what pages you have visited in the recent past and you can also delete them from here.

Types of browser

To access the internet, you need a browser software. It helps you in visiting and perform activities like logging in, viewing multimedia and links from one site to another, use emailing services, visit pages and much more. There are many browsers available in the market such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The availability of browser depends on the computer’s operating system like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac Os etc.

Let’s discuss some basic features of some popular browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a trustworthy browser. It can work on variety of Platforms and provides battery-friendly video streaming. It has highly customizable interface navigation. Mozilla Firefox provides easy reading and smooth text scrolling.

Some of its disadvantages are underwhelming performance on media-heavy web pages. Its sync requires managing another account.

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is another popular browser, with many users round the world. You can load and scroll media-heavy pages smoothly. It has integrated Google cloud services. Chrome has its Google account log-in dialog. After logging in to your Google account, you can sync your bookmarks, browsing history and setting from other devices also. You can also log into Docs, Maps, Gmail and other Google services.

By default, you can expand search engine settings and also its privacy settings could be enhanced.

Opera Mini

There are free Opera versions available for Android, iOS, Mac and Linux. Opera a built in VPN and can be turned off easily when required. Its vertical sidebar is very useful for viewing information. A screenshot tool is there to capture the things of your interest. Other best features are video pop-out, conversion on the fly, extensions and a built in add blocker.

With such nice features, it has some shortcomings also like Slightly tricky settings and does not have many extensions like Chrome.

opera mini
internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Internet explorer offers fast loading and a detailed support. Some of its drawbacks are its instability and Iffy compatibility.

Explorer is a series of graphical web browsers developed by Microsoft and included in the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, starting in 1995.

Internet Explorer, free and safe download. Internet Explorer latest version: The latest edition of the web’s most popular browser.

Safari browser for windows

Safari was released in 2003 and its operating system is based upon Apple’s Webkit. You can easily download Safari for windows. You may be asked to save the file or it may also download the file automatically without prompting. Once, the download is completed, double click on it and follow the instructions to install. Now launch the browser and start to browse.

You can also use Safari on Windows PC using Online service.

safari browser

If you have any problem with your browser, call on the toll-free number of customer support. They will help you in solving any problem related to browser. From installation, to not loading pages and crashing, you will get best support from the team. They are available 24*7.