What is Safari browser? How to use Safari browser?

safari browser

For the iPhone, iPad, and macOS, Safari is the default web browser. it was first released by Apple in 2003. In the United States, it is currently covering about a 50% market share of mobile browser usage.

Safari work normally like other popular browsers. You can browse websites, bookmark favorites, and open multiple websites in tabs using Safari browser. Safari was one of the first web browsers that supported the new HTML 5 standard and Adobe Flash turned off by default.

Some of the advantages of using Safari browser are iCloud tab browsing, sharing, reader view and energy efficient. But it has limited plugin support, exclusive to apple and no tab icons, that are some of the Safari’s deficits.

How do I download Safari browser?

download safari browser

Mac users, go to Apple menu and click on System preferences. Click on General. From the “default web browser” menu, select Safari.

To make Safari as your default browser, open Safari and click on the Safari menu item. Choose Preferences. Select the browser you want to be default from general tab. After completing the preferences window.

Is there a Safari for windows?

Safari browser has been optimized for Windows 10 for usability, offering unique functions and tools.

Though Safari is the default browser for Max OS X but is now available for Windows users also.  Safari browser has impressed its users with its unique features and a simple functioning. Safari browser is user-friendly and is designed to enhance the browsing. Safari is compatible with several devices like PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Is Safari the best browser for Mac?

The Safari web browser is installed and updated as part of macOS in Mac computer. But Safari updates are not available for PCs now.

Safari is included with the Mac operating system and currently, Mac OS is available on version 11.1 for Safari, that also include an up-gradation to Intelligent Tracking Prevention. It helps in preventing a particular website to track pages that were browsed using other websites. This is done via a process called ‘cross-site tracking. For iOS, Safari shares its iOS version, i.e. 12.1.

How do I update my Safari browser on my Mac?

In order to keep Safari up to date, make sure you have installed the latest version of macOS. To update Safari browsers, open software updates, by clicking on the Apple menu icon. A system menu will appear and go to Software update… item. Once the App Store application starts and update section opens. Now available updates will be displayed, look for the latest version of Safari. Install it on your system.

Which is the fastest browser for Mac?

WebKit is a free, open source version of Safari. WebKit is updated several times in a year. Therefore, it is fast, secure and private. For Safari users, it offers following features:

Cloud Tab Browsing: using this feature, users can automatically sync the open tabs across Mac and iOS devices which are using the same iCloud account. In other words, you can view a list of all tabs that are opened on your MacBook, if you are using Safari on the iPhone or iPad.

Sharing: there is a built-in share button in Safari app. This enables its users to share a website easily via messaging, email, or social media. Therefore, you can share websites using Facebook or Twitter.

Reader View: reader view detects articles and present them in a readable format. It is suitable for websites that load new windows while you scroll.

If you are having any trouble while working with Safari browsers, take the help of customer support. They are available 24*7 to help its users. Dial their toll-free number and explain your issue in detail.


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