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gmail server error 007

In this technical era, Gmail is an advanced way of emailing. Gmail proceeds the expectancy when it comes to data storage. Here are many more benefits and technical advantages that users of Gmail attain. Gmail users face the problem of Gmail error code 007.

When Gmail error code 007 occurs means your account will freeze. Gmail users are not able to tap on anything or to refresh their email page.

What is Gmail error code 007?

Gmail error code 007 is generally occurred by reconfigured system files that create registry errors on your PC. This error caused due to sluggish PC performance, system crashes, program lock-ups and system freezing issues.

Solutions to fix Gmail server error code #007:-

Here are many solutions to fix this issue. Go through with the given solutions:

Logout and login back to Gmail:-

 When you got error Gmail error code 007 then first of all log out from the Gmail account and login back. You can try this method because most of the time these simple steps can solve your problem.

Restart browser:-

 Close your currently running browser and restart it. After doing this try to login to your Gmail account. Now, check your Gmail may start to work. You can also log in by using URL

Clean cache and cookies from your browser:-

 It is a very simple process to clean the cache and cookies from your browser. Go through the below-given steps to clean the cache:

  • If you are using Google chrome browser then tap on 3 dots which is at the right side of the browser and navigate to the menu. But, you are using any other browser then navigate to its settings.
  • Now, tap on the advanced settings.
  • After that, navigate to cookies option and tap on all cookies and site data.
  • After that, tap on remove all and then tap on done.
  • It will remove all cache and cookies, and try to login again in your Gmail account and check for the Gmail server error #007.

Update your browser:- 

If your browser has an outdated version then it may cause the Gmail server error code 007. First of all, update your browser and recheck your Gmail account. Update option is available in the setting of your browser.

Check viruses:- 

It may be possible that viruses may cause the Gmail server code #007. You should scan your computer throughout with your antivirus to check the virus.

Disable Gmail labs background send:- 

Gmail error code 007 also occurs when background send is enabled. So, you should to disable it to resolve this error. Go with the below-given steps to disable it:

  • First of all, navigate to your Gmail account and tap on the gear icon which is at the right side of the screen.
  • Form menu, tap on the settings
  • From the settings page, tap on the Lab tap.
  • Search for background send and disable
  • Now, check your Gmail, it will work properly.

Disable browser extensions:-

 If the above methods do not work to remove Gmail server error code 007 then you should try to disable browser extensions. The extensions that you have installed recently may create the problem. Anyone of the extension can cause an error. So, disable browser extension to fix the error. Go through the below steps:

  • First of all, from your browser tap on 3 dots, this is at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Search for menu and tab on more tools.
  • In the second menu tap on extensions.
  • Now, tab unchecked enabled option. If you want to check all extensions, unchecked for all. After enabling all extensions to check Gmail.

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