How Norton VPN protect your data while using public Wi-Fi?

Norton secure VPN

Many of us not sure that using public Wi-Fi is safe or not? It is a common concern and many consumers believe that it is harmful and riskier for their devices and security. If you are surfing on an unsecured Wi-Fi network or making any transaction using it, it means that you are actually putting yourself at risk. To overcome these issues, virtual private network or VPN is there to provide online security and privacy.  In this article you will get to know about many things related to Norton security VPN and Norton Wi-Fi security.

What VPN is actually? Why it is needed?

VPN or virtual private network is used to create a private network from a public internet connection. Therefore, you can say that a VPN provides the consumer a robust online privacy and anonymity. It acts like a mask to your Internet Protocol (IP) address and makes all your internet actions untraceable in a virtual manner. Using VPN services, you will get a secure and encrypted connection that will provide much better privacy than a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

We know that while using a public Wi-Fi, our online activities are vulnerable to attacks and leakage.  This doesn’t apply when you are using a password protected network. A VPN provides proper encryption and anonymity to protect all the online activities and makes your browsing more secure.

Norton secure VPN

Secure VPN

Norton secure VPN helps you to protect your transaction details, login information and credit card details while you are on public Wi-Fi network. This is applicable on your mobiles, PCs and other devices which allow you to use Wi-Fi. Norton Wi-Fi security will provide you bank grade Wi-Fi security encryption and provide you a better browsing experience without any fear of leaking data even if you are on an unsecured network.

If you are using Norton Wi-Fi security, you will be able to browse anonymously and make your online privacy more secure and online advertisers will not be able to track you. You can easily access your favorite websites while you are travelling with Norton secure VPN.

Norton secure VPN is useful for people living in countries where access to specific websites is restricted. Using Norton Wi-Fi security, you will be able to use your apps anywhere in the world.

Before choosing a VPN, keep the following points in your mind:

  • Check if they are running the current protocol or not. Remember that if you are using open VPN, you will get better security as compared to other protocols.
  • VPN must protect your privacy. If the VPN selected by you does not respect your privacy, then switch to another one. Check if your VPN has a no-log policy or not? VPN with log policy never track the user’s online activities.
  • Many VPN’s set data limits. Before selecting a VPN, check if they are providing you full, unmetered bandwidth without data limits or not? Bandwidth is an important factor while choosing a VPN.
  • Another point to be considered is to check the server locations. If you want it to show your location elsewhere, then make sure that place has that server.
  • Usually, an average consumer, use up-to five devices. So make sure you are able to setup that VPN on multiple devices.
  • In case a VPN goes down, there is a kill switch system for events like failure. This makes your connection to be locked out in emergency and prevents you from connecting to an unsecured internet connection.

Norton secure VPN fulfills all of the above features. For any question related to Norton Wi-Fi security you are free to contact customer support team that is available 24*7.

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